The Nisga’a Land Title Office is the home to the only
Torrens title system operated by a First Nation. 
This is possible because of the Nisga’a Nation’s ownership
of, and jurisdiction over, its lands.

The Nisga’a Land Title Office is open to the public
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon,
with the exception of statutory holidays.

If you do not present an application for registration in person to the Nisga'a Land Title Office during the hours that the office is open to the public, then the application will be treated as received by the Registrar when it is actually received by the Nisga'a Land Title Office.

 Nisga’a Land Title Office staff:

Diane Cragg, Registrar of Land Titles
(250) 633-3028

Dorothy Elliott, Deputy Registrar of Land Titles
(250) 633-3091

Kristy Barton, Registry Clerk
(250) 633-3028

The Land Title system is operated in accordance with
Nisga’a, rather than provincial, jurisdiction and legislation.

Relevant legislation:

Nisga’a Land Title Act

Nisga’a Village Entitlement Act

Nisga’a Nation Entitlement Act

Nisga’a Lands Designation Act

Nisga'a Landholding Transition Act

Nisga'a Partition of Property Act

Nisga'a Property Law Act

Nisga'a Law and Equity Act


Consolidated Land Title Regulation

Other regulations pursuant to the legislation can be obtained from
Myrle Morven, Legislative Assistant for Nisga'a Lisims Government at myrlem@nisgaa.net.