Welcome to the Nisga'a Land Title Office website.

The Nisga’a land title system is a Torrens title system, and is operated in accordance with the Nisga’a Land Title Act and other relevant Nisga’a statutes. Nisga’a Land is not recorded in the BC Land Title Office or any other provincial registry.

This website helps applicants get the information they need to register transactions in the Nisga’a Land Title Office. Applicants are able to:

  • Download forms and instructions for common transactions
  • Submit draft forms for review in advance of submission
  • Request title searches and copies of documents registered in the Nisga’a Land Title Office
  • Calculate and pay land title fees
  • Contact Registry staff to seek information

Please note that documents for registration cannot be submitted through the website. Original documents, properly signed and witnessed, must be submitted directly to the Nisga’a Land Title Office before registration can take place.

If you do not present an application for registration in person to the Nisga'a Land Title Office during the hours that the office is open to the public, then the application will be treated as received by the Registrar when it is actually received by the Nisga'a Land Title Office.