Requests for Information

The Nisga’a Land Title Office can provide you with information about specific parcels in the registry as well as copies of registered documents, upon payment of applicable fees. Please follow the links below to request information and documents.

Staff of the Nisga’a Land Title Office can assist you with your request. They are not, however, allowed to complete forms for you or provide you with advice of any kind regarding titles to land.

Review of Forms

You can request a review of your application in advance of registration. Land title applications can be complex, and there can be costs associated with tending an inaccurate or incomplete application. If you would like a review of your draft application, please request one here.

Address Changes

Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Please update your information using the following form.
The completed form does not need to be witnessed, but we do need the original. Please drop it off at our office or mail it.
Form 7 Notice of Change of Address