Only Nisga’a citizens can receive a Nisga’a Nation Entitlement.


The Nisga’a Land Title Office requires a copy of a Nisga’a citizenship card for each transferee at the time of application.


To have a grant of Nisga’a Nation Entitlement registered in the Nisga’a Land Title Office the following is required:

  • A properly executed General Instrument – Part 1 (Form C)
  • A copy of the Nisga’a Village Government resolution/motion granting the Nisga’a Nation Entitlement
  • The original grant document from the Nisga’a Village Government
  • A completed Declaration of Individual Transferee or Mortgagee of Nisga’a Nation Entitlement (Form 16) – One Form 16 is to be completed by each transferee (person(s) receiving the Nisga’a Nation Entitlement)

The registration fee must be paid in full before the application can be processed. Please see the Fees page for current fees.

Download the Instruction Sheet for Form C.  Please contact our office for further assistance.